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Curt has been the musical instructor at a local music store for over 25 years. Rock and Roll / Folk / Blues/ Bass / Finger-picking /Mandolin / Performance coaching. Change your life, your job...unleash your inner Bruce Springsteen!!

Curt offers Songwriting Workshops in local Adult Ed programs, colleges, and music stores.

More About Curt....

Curt has performed all over the USA in concerts, clubs, hotels and schools. Curt was a finalist in the song writing competitions at the Kerrville (Texas) Folk Festival, the Falcon Ridge (New York) Festival and the Napa Valley (CA) Folk Festival. Curt has released four CDs of his original songs. Known for his engaging stage presence and sense of humor, Curt has been a "regular" on the New England music scene.

These days he performs with his wife, Jenn Kurtz. Jenn is an amazing harmony singer and adds more energy and dynamics to the stage act.

In addition to the regular gigs, Curt and Jenn have  created a program called "A FEW SECONDS WITH OUR FATHERS" This is a tribute to WWII veterans and families, including Curt's father who was also a WWII vet. This show features Curt's original songs about the war years, plus several popular cover songs from that era.

Curt believes Fenway Park is the most sacred place on earth!!!